We will be at the European Society of Criminology 2022 conference this September, where we will be part of a panel on Measurement Error in Police Data.

We will present a seminar on “Measuring crime in geographic areas: Challenges, opportunities and priorities” at the Office for National Statistics Research Excellence Series in July 2022.

On the 29th of June, we will be at the British Society of Criminology 2022 conference delivering an interactive workshop on ‘Measurement Error in Police Recorded Crime Data and How to Deal With It’.

We will be at the International Environmental Criminology & Crime Analysis Symposium, presenting our new sensitivity analysis tool: ‘RecountingCrime’.

We were invited to present our synthetic crime dataset at the Consumer Data Research Centre 2022 conference.

We presented our latest work exploring the adjustment of measurement error in police recorded crime rates using sensitivity analysis, at the Spanish Society of Criminology annual conference.

We were invited to present some of our latest findings at the Security Lancaster Seminar Series.

We participated in the Crime Surveys User Conference 2020, where we presented our first paper.